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David Cawley is a director of photography from London, shooting of feature film, short film, documentary, TVCs, and music videos worldwide.

David discovered a passion for photography and film at a young age, getting his first stills camera at the age of 5. Being captivated by the form of the frame and the translation from shot to print was something that has never left him.

David graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Art honor degree in Visual Communication at University of Central England and began to specialize in filmmaking and cinematography. Since then he has worked in many countries across continents often specializing in drama and documentary.

His ability to help construct visual narrative through his pictures has translated into his scripted cinematography work, shooting 2nd unit for Thomas Burstyn CSC on The Insatiable Moon (NZ 2010) and his first feature, How to Become a Criminal Mastermind (UK 2012).

David's currently work includes photographing an investigative documentary named HORN (2013), focusing on the illegal trade in African Rhino horn, following the boots on the ground combatting poachers and asking tough questions of the South African nation, and other documentary about traditional Vietnamese’s cuisine named The story of Pho (Câu chuy_n c_a Ph_) in Vietnam(2013).

Recently David's work has reached critical acclaim when a documentary named Last Shop Standing, the story of the rise, fall and rebirth of independent record shops was named Top 10 DVD's of 2012 by 'Q' magazine and was given 5 Stars by 'Q' on its release and 4 Stars in ‘Record Collector’.


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