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“We believe in pursuing our dreams. Only once we inspire you to do the same, will we have fulfilled our purpose.”

We believe that each of us is here to pursue the things we dream of and long for, but that often its hard to find support or encouragement in our modern world. We hope that if we pursue what we dream of, and we share every step of that journey with all of you, maybe we can inspire you to follow your own dreams. And maybe, we can all make the world a little bit better.

We are 3 friends, on the verge of reuniting through our love for music, and letting ourselves go to fulfilling our long awaited dreams.

We went to high school together and it was then, when we started playing music as a group. During that time, we started exploring our creativity together.

Allow us to present ourselves.

My name is David Delgado, from Mexico
My name is Chris Thyssen, I’m Dutch-Indo
My name is Christopher Tombrink, I am from Chile and Germany, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

David, Chris and Chris. Our real identities became our musical name: DC²

Our bond. The chemistry created through playing guitar together.

Our goal. Create our music and share it with you.

Our purpose. To follow our hearts and show you that you can too.

We invite you to come along and be part of this adventure, and show you what it's like to follow your dreams.

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