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London, UK

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DP – Lighting Cameraman
Documentary, Promos, Commercials, Television and Sports Features, Corporate.

As a lighting cameraman I would like to think that I maintain a high creative and technical standard in all that I do.
My location work has taken me all over the world, taking in a diverse range of locations, from the sub zero conditions in Alaska and Lapland to the blistering heat of the Great Rift Valley and the Middle East. I have also covered a range of styles in various formats, photographing cultural diversity from Mongolia to Tokyo.

I have worked in a range of studios, small and large from photographic spaces to sound stages in such places as Black Island studios in London, Warner Bros in Florida and Cine Citta in Italy. This has mainly been for Green Screen work and small set builds for promos & commercials.

My work has been broadcast across all of the UK’s Terrestrial Channels, Europe and World Wide.


Sony F55, Canon C500, Arri Alexa, Panasonic Varicam P2, Sony HDCam, Sony XDCam, Sony F3, Canon C300 & 5D.
Wide range of Location and Studio lighting experience.


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