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David Divine

Electronic project issuing its own vision of electronic music. Artist working in the field of art electronics, art and culture. Having started the project in 2010, was the rapid development and against the background of this success, began to aggressively bring to the world music market.

November 30, 2010 released their first single titled "Estate", release, which marked the start of career David. Official output was held at the label friend in the USA and little later, this track was support is the world's distributor of dance industry "Label Worx" (England). After a successful presentation, was invited to the United States and through 6 months, in Miami founded and organized the work of the label "Miami Techno Chrome record's".

From 2010 to 2011, David finds a period of development of his career, name, image, as well as the formation own signature sound and style of his music. During this period it was possible to form a meaningful musical project and in June 2012 the project David Divine entered in the top hundred artists on minimal version Topdeejays.com.

In May 2013 took another turning point in the career of David - is a single called "Erotique". Track supported the legendary Anton Kubikov, making it a remix.

Today's Artist busy of the spectrum their projects which include two label, podcast, promo-group and active studio work with the singer.

For more details about the projects:

"Divine Techno record's" - an international project brings together interesting artists from all parts of the world. Successfully working in the market just over a year, the label had to make enormous prestige as the listeners and among artists.

"Mandelstam Music" - creative brainchild, the apparel for intelligent and interesting music, as well as non-standard artists and projects.

"Tech Guide" - this is a podcast, launched in October 2011. Away podcast visited the famous and world renowned artists Techno, Minimal and Deep scene. During the period of existence, it was attended by: Dani Sbert, DJ T, Gorge (Pit Waldmann), Guy J, LetKolben, Max Cooper, Robert Babicz, Ron Shatte, R-Tem, Ryan Davis, Sergey Sanchez, Tagtraumer, Till von Sein and many others. For the shortest possible time, the podcast hit the TOP 10 RADIOSHOW according to Play.fm.


Dennis Zilberman
tel.: +7 916 339 31 36
e-mail: david-divine@mail.ru



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