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Cleveland, Ohio

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"Dont let the fear of failing keep you from following your dreams"

To me, cinematography is an art and lifestyle. From getting the right lighting to make your subject to jump of the screen to the whole setup process to make that possible, it is hard but extremly rewarding process. We as filmmakers strive to learn more and more everyday to get to that perfect "look". Even though we realize we may never get to it we enjoy the struggles and the experiences along the way.

My name is David Dureiko. Im a 19 year old filmmaking student at Cuyahoga Community College in the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio. The though of actually wanting to film as a career didnt come to me until the end of my senior year in high school. My inspiration came from a good friend of mine who films action sports. I fell in love with how he could make what i was seeing in person look so cinematic and jaw dropping on screen. And from that moment I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

Im still a beginner at this so it will be a long and hard process to get where I want to be but I feel that by sharing my work along the way I can help inspire the younger generations to fall in love with this art.

David Dureiko


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