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I was born in 1983 in Rome (Italy) where I actually live .
I just graded in 3d Character Animation at Animschool and it was one of the best experience I'v ever had.
Now my life is.....Animation

My old story:

My passion started many years ago when I got my first analogic camera.

I improved my skill using darkroom and all theory and photography practice during my studies at Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino (Marche) where I got a degree in Multimedia & Visual Design ,then I converted to the digital system.

For 4 years I was in the official photographic team of "Millemiglia" following historical cars in this exclusive competition.

I love landscapes, wildlife and nature images spending my freetime travelling,meeting people and discovering untouched places.

The only thing I say all people ask me which camera is better,which lenses they have to buy I answer: "It's not important what you got, but how you use and how you feel what are you seeing". This is for me the most important thing you should know about photography.

I'm free for commission works and travelling. Feel free to contact me for every question about my work.

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