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British actor David Frampton began his acting career in 2010 attending screen acting classes in London.
In 2014 David was cast as the lead and title role of the Phoenix Film Group's psychological thriller 'Nameless' that shot for five months across Europe. (Dir & Prod: Bryan Thurman, Luis Esteban). 'Nameless' is in post-production and releasing 2015/16 after completion of additional filming in Summer 2015. David Frampton undertook extensive training with specialists to perform dialogue, stunts, fight and action scenes in this picture.
In 2013 David filmed the leading role of The Last Day of Winter (Dir: Sergio Fabio Ferrari) which has now completed post production and expected to be released late 2015 after Festival screenings. David’s acting work include the lead character in the evocative short film 'First The Bird Fell' (Dir: Sing J Lee) nominated as best film in the BBC's 'Best Of The North' Exposures Film Festival, the lead in the Zombie Genre film, A Father For The Dead as well as numerous other films. David continues to train in screen acting, voice, martial arts and screen armed and unarmed fight combat/action.

Mini Biography By: Gregg Millard GMM (Agent)

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