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David Gurman makes memorials that are digitally connected to conflict zones. Using real-time data feeds he brings us into direct contact with events we hear about in the mass media but never witness. In one work, gunshots and IED explosions recorded by American Marines in Iraq trigger light waves to ripple across a wall, while in another, a bell tolls to spikes in seismic data from nuclear weapons tests in the Nevada desert. His current project, "PAX AMERICANA," connects the landscapes of the Middle East and the United States by using their seismic activity to play musical instruments.

Gurman is currently a TEDGlobal 2010 Fellow, and is the recipient of grants from the Center for Cultural Innovation, The Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, the Eureka Fellowship and was a graduate fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts. In the fall of 2012 Gurman will debut "PAX AMERICANA," in a solo exhibition at the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco CA.

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