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Dave Hoggan was born and raised in Palo Alto, California where he attended Henry M. Gunn, one of the only U.S. high schools that featured a film department. This gave Dave an early opportunity to recognize his passion in life and begin developing the skills that he continues to draw upon to this day. Upon graduation, Dave attended the film program at De Anza College where he began to make 16mm films and diversify his orientation beyond dramatic narrative with documentary and experimental projects. This led him to pursue his undergraduate work at San Francisco State, whose film department is noted for placing equal emphasis on both theoretical and practical approaches to cinema. While there, Dave managed to come full circle, returning to narrative-style filmmaking after developing a strong critical foundation that allowed him to articulate his instinctual abilities as a visual storyteller. During his final year at State, Dave was introduced to interactive multimedia. Captivated by this newly emerging mode of discourse, Dave attended Jonathan Seybold's Digital World conference where the convergence between the entertainment, telecommunications and computer industries was first posited. Upon graduation, Dave thrust himself headlong into the study of these new technologies and discovered for the first time the creative empowerment that technology could offer. To celebrate these developments, Dave produced The Adventure Begins, a short film combining live action and computer animation that celebrated the very technologies that made its creation possible. The film ended up a winner at the 1995 Columbus International Film Festival and became a showpiece for Dave's production company, Chain Lightning Pictures. Since its creation, Dave has produced numerous other projects for a variety of clients as an independent producer, as well as having worked with Silicon Graphics, Rocket Science Games, the famed Palo Alto Research Center, and most recently, Apple.

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