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I am a London based music video, documentary, promo and special effects video director, editor, camera operator and producer. My clients have included Nike, Harrods, Virgin, Universal Music Group to name but a few. My work has been broadcast around the world including MTV, MTVU, BBC, Channel 4 (UK), NHK (Japan), NRK (Norway), Showtime (USA), ABC (Australia) and many many more.

I have filmed, edited and directed over 60 music videos spanning many genres and styles. My forthcoming documentaries are Salt Beef & Rye (Carnaby International 2014) and MENSA - Lord of the Dance (Creative Realist 2015).

I work across all media platforms spanning mobile/TV/DVD/VOD/ plus interactive and live events. I have over 30 million views spanning multiple YouTube channels and direct cameras and shows for thousands and thousands of people every year at many of the London Royal Park charity events including Sport Relief, London Half Marathon and many other events at Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Richmond Park, London Fields and so on.


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