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I am an award winning Director Of Photography with eight years professional experience working on a broad range of projects.

From filming chimpanzees in the remote Tanzanian Jungle, recreating Baroque paintings on film, exploring the Swiss army knife factory in Switzerland, creating dynamic visuals for Bell and Sebastian concerts around the world, learning about the inner lives of Insane Championship Wrestlers for a BBC Documentary, collaborating with the famous British photographer Rankin, and filming a wolf wandering through the National Gallery Of Scotland in the middle of the night for an art installation.

The variety of challenges and opportunities are immensely rewarding.

Huge enjoyment for me is to interpret a great idea or story and discover an intriguing way to visually develop it. Through framing, movement and the tone created by lighting.

The camera is not a passive instrument and the subtle and sophisticated choices you make visually can have a huge effect on how the film is perceived by an audience. Microscopic details explode like avalanches on a cinema screen. It's an exciting format to be responsible for!

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