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A journey of Faith has shaped my music to what it is today. Worship was always a part of our home, as my mother would inspire me while she praised from her piano. And when my father's call led us deep into the wilderness of Alaska, our household worship times began to bring forth new songs of praise.

My music began with the inspiration of my mother's personal times of worship. My zeal to only use my music for Elohim began at my father's direction. The dedication of my music to this purpose I feel has greatly blessed the work.

My earnest desire is that through YaHuWaH's gift of music, you can experience the power of worship and praise through my songs. That you could learn more of our great Elohim, and feel the passion and zeal He has for Israel. With our Great Bridegroom Yeshua coming, now is the time to align our desires and life to His Will.

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