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David was born in Redding, California and began piano studies at a young age. He continued his studies of piano and began composition studies at the University of Oregon School of Music with David Crumb (son of George Crumb) and Rob Kyr.

Upon completion of his education he moved to San Francisco and began working in the semi-experimental theater scene as the resident composer for Crowded Fire Theater Company. With Crowded Fire, David scored the world premiere of "maid", by experimental playwright, Erik Ehn who is now the dean of the theater department at Cal Arts. David also composed the score for "One Big Lie", a musical collaboration with New York playwright, Liz Duffy Adams. Both productions received exemplary reviews for David's ability to compose "mesmerizing", "ethereal" scores that are "accessible without bending to pop conventions". As an accomplished pianist, David also performs his compositions and music from the classical repertoire in concerts and recitals.

Crowded Fire Theater Company co-produced David's work, "Music for Two Cellos and Twenty-Four Televisions" which premiered in Berkeley, California. The project featured two cellists performing David's music live and in sync to a wall of twenty-four televisions displaying an array of manipulated video.

In October, 2006 David moved to Los Angeles to apply his compositional expertise to film and other media. David currently teaches piano at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, scores films, and does free-lance commercial work.

David was accepted to the California Institute of the Arts' Performer-Composer Program and will resume his studies in the Fall of 2009.

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