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North Brisbane, Boondall

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I love to make videos and working with HD Video, as well as music as both a hobby and contract based work. I am based in north Brisbane, (Boondall). My current camera is a Black Magic Cinema camera. I've got a EOS 550D for my DSLR solutions also.

Contact me for more info: david_richards@live.com

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  1. This video and all my other BMCC videos where shot with the Canon EW-83H 25mm - 105mm. I have a couple of other lenses lying around but are inferior to this, so for now I'm basically just using the one. The 7D is an amazing camera, I am looking…
  2. Which lenses do you use with your BMCC? I hear the Tokina 11-16mm is pretty good with it... and that's the lens I use with my Canon 7D.