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  1. 04:09:12


    by David Salas

    0 Videos

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    Tutorials and Guides

    by David Salas

    0 Videos

    Videos about how you do things

  5. 03:40:35

    Commercial & Corporate

    by David Salas

    2 Videos

    Adverts, Infomercials, Trailer and Documentaries for corporate clients.

  6. 07:26:12

    Editing & Post Production

    by David Salas

    13 Videos

    Post production

  7. 01:06:02


    by David Salas

    10 Videos

    Films created in an art context or created for artists.

  8. 05:41

    This City's Centre

    by David Salas

    9 Videos

    A series of films about Exeter commissioned by Blind Ditch & Exeter Phoenix Digital for the digital arts project 'This City's Centre'. The Potential for Important Moments to…

  9. 01:09:01

    Cinematography & Production

    by David Salas

    5 Videos

    Camera work

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