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  1. predatory bird

    predatory bird Plus


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    The Predatory Bird is:- Screaming gulls that steal greasy food. Sinister gulls that surround baby seals. Skateboarding. Etc... http://www.thepredatorybird.com


    DANIELS Plus LA!


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    We are super team Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan! Don't call us David. www.danieldaniel.us www.danieldanielblog.tumblr.com/ www.twitter.com/DANIELSwastaken

  3. Will Berman

    Will Berman Plus London, UK


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    My passion and main area of cinematography is skateboarding and snowboarding, and I also work on wedding and corporate videos. I shoot with a Panasonic HPX-171 and Canon 7D, and edit on Mac OSX with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

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