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Washington DC

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Character Actor/Production Assistant/Audio Assistant - A2.
I love acting and I love working on the set and if your anywhere on the east coast from Virginia up to New York City and need an actor I am willing to travel so just let me know.

- resume at agencyprotalent.com/davidthornhilljr and at cimatalent.com/davidthornhilljr.

- I am a man who loves what he is doing and doing what he loves. I am staying positive, focused and moving forward toward my goal of becoming a successful working actor. I will be putting up one or two films per month to my page so you can hopefully see me develop and grow as an actor. These are films that I have been a part of over the past few years. I do have full permission to put up these films.

Thanks for viewing, feel free to add me as a contact, and I hope you enjoy. Feel free to follow me on twitter twitter.com/dtscooby and my blog site positivephenomenon.com thanks for following me.

Stay Tuned and Stay Positive.
Peace and Blessings

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