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Austin, TX

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Twitter: twitter.com/davidwardfilm

David Ward is a writer, director and producer living in Austin, TX. His videos have been featured on G4′s Attack of the Show, NFL.com, Sports Illustrated, Devour, LA Times, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning, Reddit, and Yahoo! news. His spec commercial “Make Your Own Doritos” had 1 million views in 2 days upon it’s release, and currently sits at over 3 million views total in 5 months. David is one of the driving forces behind HUMORdy.com and is part owner of Ralph Smyth Entertainment. Collectively, his videos have received over 7 million views online. David’s biggest achievement came in May of 2001 when he was Runner-Up in the Alexandria Monroe High School Post-Prom limbo competition. It was a good day.

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