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I love: Jesus, Sleep mode, Camera phones, Cinemas, Texting, Jim Halpert, Sprinters, iPods, Camping, Seinfeld, Run-ins, Pop-ins, Summer, Portable DVD players, Photography, Skate vids/mags, TiVo, Not girls, Google, Little kids, Vectors, Drip drying, Short shorts, Chivalry, Pool toys/floaties, The Vegas, Skate gnar, Mustache, Vans, Poise, Good lighting, Classic eats, Fitted, Wheel chairs, Antics, Ideas, SNL, Vocabulary, College rule, Typography, Individuality, Suckers, Short films, New music, The A string, Nail clippers, Graphics, Spray paint, Spontaneity, Early risers, Old sayings, The Gentleman, Bad haircuts, Spokane, Bunk beds, Sliding’er into 5th, New socks, Stereotypes, Wizards, Leashes, A meal, Hick-ups, Willis, PDX, Such dry humor, Shoes, Interceptions, Audio books, Collage, Record shops, Underwater, Armor, Elderly couples, Rest stops, Horizons, Original, Cyclers, A pixel, Contrast, Double snare, Hand models, Boardroom meetings, Lists, Frames, Wooblies, Silhouettes, The wash down, Spotting spots, Lawn chairs, Konrady albums, Gang vox, Octive slides, Kalani’s bed, Choking, Bottoms up, Favicons, Bare feet, Firework faces, Hammocks, Camp fires, Sun glasses, Wrist accessories, Adhesive, t9, Ajaxy, Consistancy, Barbarians...

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