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To know where Davin Black is going, is to find out where he has been. His love for live music carried him through eight years of inspirational travel and has fostered his dedication to the creation of visual compliments to music. Davin quickly absorbed production knowledge and now operates within all aspects of the film industry. His unique perspective and experience has led him to become an esteemed and award winning director and feature film producer.

Juno nominated and back to back winner of the MuchMusic Best Rock Video Award, Davin Black has directed over 80 and produced more than 200 music videos with many award wins, Best Director nominations and #1 videos.

Davin's film sets are a common venue for interviews and behind-the-scene specials for multiple national media networks. Regarded as a respected expert within the music video industry, Davin has been featured on MuchMusic's shows "Discovered" and "Disband" and has been a panellist for CMW (Canadian Music Week. He has presented his candid and practical advice to viewers and has assisted in the growth of emerging careers.

Priding himself on developing bonds with artists and clients in order to collaboratively cultivate visual imagery, Davin continues to strive to create emotionally inspirational images. His ability to generate a versatile range of styles makes Davin Black a unique director who continues to push the limits of artistic impression.


contact: director@davinblack.com

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