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Davy & Kristin McGuire are British/German multidisciplinary artists, famous for their idiosyncratic experiments in digital projection and storytelling.
The duo head a multi-award winning creative studio designing unique visual experiences through art installations and theatrical projects. As well as creating bespoke projects for cultural institutions and brands, they produce and sell their own works through international galleries.

Created in 2009, The Icebook was the world‘s first projection mapped pop-up book which has become an international hit, both online and on tour.

Winners of The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2013, Davy & Kristin McGuire‘s work has included theatre productions such as The Icebook and the atmospheric stage adaptation of popular fantasy novel, Howl’s Moving Castle. Their latest award winning theatre show The Paper Architect premiered in July 2013 at the Barbican London and received the Helpmann Award for Best Visual Theatre Production after touring Australia in 2015.

Davy and Kristin’s commercial commissions include Floating City (2013) for Barneys’ iconic Madison Avenue Christmas windows, Alchimie de Courvoisier (2011), a bespoke paper diorama originally displayed at Harrods, and Precious Moments (2015), an award winning shop window display for Mikimoto in Tokyo. Their renowned projection mapping installations have been exhibited, sold, published and screened internationally.

Davy’s background is in theatre and film whereas Kristin has trained as a dancer who has performed with many international companies including Cirque du Soleil, she is currently a dancer with the Mark Bruce Company.

‘Magical and exquisitely crafted, Davy and Kristin McGuire's [...] universe is full of visual wonders.’
The Guardian

‘The award-winning husband-and-wife team have built a reputation for innovative, indelible works – blending animation, projection mapping, theatre, film, dance and papercraft.’
Computer Arts Magazine

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