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Chichester, England

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Davy's Gripp formed in the December of 2010. A chance meeting on a music website led Richie (lead vocals) to meet an already formed originals rock band called "Full Throttle". They were in search of a charismatic and dynamic front man to relieve Darren (bass) of vocals to concentrate his talents on areas such as writing & playing combinations of complex & demanding bass lines. Darren does however still a large part in backing vocals plays.

After joining the band Richie injected his own style & sound bringing with him a song writing ability & infectious melodies. Following Richie's arrival to the band existing songs were re worked defining a new signature sound along with new material being written effortlessly. Chris (lead guitar) plays with charisma & passion which shows through on stage with the sound of his guitar riffs & solos. He oozes stage presence & commands attention from audiences.

It wasn't long before "Full Throttle" started capturing the attention of local audiences & making a name for themselves. As so often is the case with bands, commitment & dedication needed to be increased & it wasn't long before a change in the line up was required & soon a new rhythm guitarist (Woodsey) & Drummer (Matt) were brought in to join the band, which at this point had changed to "Davy's Gripp".

Woodsey brought with him talent & energy coupled with a drive to push the band forward. His floppy hair & gruff backing vocals added dynamics & substance to the band. Matt (Silent) Taylor gave Davy's Gripp the new back bone it required....technical ability coupled with precise timing & flawless fills that can be heard in such songs as "Pressure" & "Me Myself & I".

Davy's Gripp is founded on musical partnerships with shared song writing to give the desired synergy as a band. Friendship is paramount & this alongside the passion & determination meant that it wasn't long before they were signed to "Coffee Jingle Records" & progressing to the next level. New material is always being worked on & the new EP ‘Wicked Game’ is due to be released in 2013.

We have also just finished filming our first music video for the track 'Immortal Love' which will feature on our EP, which will be released imminently.

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