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Day three studios is a two person team with a desire to do excellent work while honoring our clients. We believe there is value in having both of our perspectives--male and female, serious and funny, crazy and sane--involved in all of our projects. We want to use the creativity we have been gifted with to help you create a moment, a memory, a lasting impression, whether it is your family photo, a commercial for your business, or a logo or design to help you get the word out about what is important to you. We are passionate about what we do, from the challenge of family photography, the beauty of weddings, the innocence of babies, and the excitement of graduating seniors to incorporating video into those special moments, as well as all of the ways we can help you promote and grow your business. Thank you for trusting us!

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  1. Also great, Christina! Love the song and you gals did a great job interpreting it!
  2. Christina! This is beautiful. Thank you for bringing light to the darkness of this subject. Praising God for you and your ministry!