Dazed and Aware

Smithers BC

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A zero-budget 24 minute short film about Ben and Scott, two teenagers from a small northern town in Canada.They spend their days ruminating about their own teenaged angst and trying to make sense of their world. Before long, sinister ideas plant themselves in their thoughts and lead them to plan out a sinister act.

Adapted from a feature length screenplay, this avant garde film was shot with no money with many of the performances improvised on set. The final film is completely crafted from hundreds of gigabytes of footage spanning two and a half years. It will be released entirely on Vimeo for free.

Featuring Music By
Putios (putois.bandcamp.com/)
Adam & Naive (adamandnaive.bandcamp.com/)
Nicolas Stutsman (canadianwedding.bandcamp.com/)
Kisber (soundcloud.com/kisber)
Blacksona (blacksona.bandcamp.com)

Written, Cut and Directed By
Taaron Gorbahn

Ben Hallman
Scott Schwarz
Daniel Lowe

Chris Grieger
Graham Dunbar

Second Unit Director
Kai Gorbahn

Produced By
Chloe Hicks
Kai Gorbahn
Chris Grieger
Taaron Gorbahn

Shot with a Sony NEXVG10 and NEX5.
Edited and Graded with Sony Vegas Pro

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