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My name is Darren Cullis and I started out in the computer graphics industry in 1999 working for a small computer games company ( Elite Systems ) based in the West Midlands. I was a Junior 3D Artist working on the PC and Playstation game “ Ford Racing “. Soon after this project, I made the move into the Broadcast industry, Where I took on the role as an Animator working on a number of Children’s television series; ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Underground Ernie’ to name a few.

I have experience working in the feature film industry, working for Warner Brothers as a Pre-visualisation Artist on the Movie ‘Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire’ . I am now freelancing in London as a 3d Generallist / Animator and I have been lucky enough to work at numerous companies including ; BSKYB, Warner Brothers, Smoke and Mirrors, The Mill, Passion Pictures, and Prime Focus working on various high profile projects.

I am a Generalist but i specialise in all areas in the creation of Characters, my main skill set includes , Modelling, Texturing , Rigging, and Character Animation. This is where my passion lies.

I am a Generallist using SoftImage XSI! But i can Animate, and Model using 3ds Max and Maya.

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