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DELUXE DESIGN GROUP is a YYC based production boutique.

We are a small, specialized team of broadcast artists dedicated to creativity over commerce. Instead of planning to conquer the world ddg is planning to evolve.

ddg artists are constantly exploring, looking for different ways of doing things and seeking fresh inspiration.

We are striving for constant evolution.

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  4. Chayse Irvin, csc
  5. Matt Mitchell
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  7. Tony Zhou
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  9. Anish Bahl
  10. Sarah Thomas Moffat, Assoc CSC
  11. henry hobson directing & design
  12. Oliver Millar
  13. Rob Whitworth
  14. Mike Daly
  15. Academy Films
  16. Borja Lopez Diaz - DOP
  17. Xavi Santolaya - COLORIST
  18. Diego Contreras

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