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Geoff Fox is the founder of Deadline Digital, a company which specialises in news, corporate and commercial videos, helping you to boost your media presence, key messages and brand with maximum impact.

What makes us different to other PR companies, communications experts and film makers? Simple. We know news, and we know how newsrooms make decisions. Which puts you at an advantage.

Deadline Digital videos are created with a view to them being used in their entirety on news websites, regional and national TV, corporate events as well as for promotional and information purposes.

In essence, we do everything from shooting and editing video through to producing finished versions tailored for web, DVD, Blu Ray, iPod, mobile phones and smartphones or just about any other file format to enable you to deliver your messages using very traditional methods of audio/visual communication as well as emerging vehicles such as social networking and audience-specific third party websites, which enables you to target the demographic of your choosing.

In addition we also offer bespoke presentations, video training and PR services.

The emphasis is on bespoke, so if you want 10 different edits of the same footage for 10 different audiences output to 10 different formats, we can do it.

Contact us now to find out more.

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