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Dean Kosage has more than 20 years of professional experience and specializes in building tribes and the skill sets required to develop and train tribes. Such as gamification, mobile business strategies, speaking and life coaching.

Dean has been a student of life and continuously lives his life that way. Below are area in which he strives & prevails in being.

Dean first gained fame for his ability as an ambitious eager student to seek mentorship anywhere he could find it. Second was his ability to build & maintain tribes & communities globally. At 23 years of age he was already running his second company and was being ask to speak around the country being a single entrepreneur.

By 25 he was a millionaire and was being asked to speak globally to coliseums. Known for his sense of humor & his ability to awaken the giant inside us all, his audio’s & keynotes on life developed a very loyal fan base of entrepreneurs of all ages that reached millions of people globally. This lead to developing and maintaining a community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs in 18 countries for over 20 years.

VISIONARY - (Technology in the Future)
This unusual experience of being so young & traveling the world and being on stages of up to 50,000 at a time gave Dean a very unique chance to see the world differently than most.
He began to understand how technology was affecting not just people but cultures. He could spot emerging trends faster then most people due to this exposure.

Deans radical exposure to such large numbers worldwide allowed him to master human pattern recognition at a young age. His curiosity & desire pulled Dean into creating to better platforms & resources to help all of the captivating people he was meeting.

A truly multi-faceted & divergent thinking individual, Dean founded various projects & companies that help people gain a competitive edge in todays market place.

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