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Dear Pratella, functions as a research exhibition and experiment that investigates the critical potential of sound-based art in various social, spatial, temporal, and discursive contexts: as an gallery installation at the Center for Curatorial Studies (CCS Bard), as a public intervention at the Rhinecliff Amtrak train station, and as a mass media broadcast via local and internet radio. Each week, Jacob Kirkegaard, Chris Kubick & Anne Walsh, and Hong-Kai Wang individually present their work in these different sites, rotating from site to site over the course of the exhibition.

Dear Pratella, inverts the temporality of research exhibitions by beginning with the presentation of artwork, seeing the exhibition as an opportunity interface with publics and invite research contributions during the course of the exhibition and thereafter. Research events, such as a workshop led by Rozalinda Borcilă and a group discussion, serve as feedback mechanisms for these publics to contribute their subjective knowledge and experiences. "Data" compiled throughout the project will be published as an audio dossier as a contribution to the broader field of sound art discourse.

Curated by Michelle Y. Hyun

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