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Death's Door is a 10-part web series written and directed by Ben Schaeffer and produced by Stephanie Dawson.

The first time Marcus died, he thought his life was destroyed. The second time, he discovered what life really is.

Series synopsis
Marcus and his family eat a celebratory dinner in recognition of his recent engagement. After dinner, Marcus suddenly collapses and flatlines in front of his brother. His father, an ex-fire chief performs CPR, though he feels it is a lost cause. Mysteriously Marcus is revived quickly, but doctors have no answers for the family as to why he collapsed. Marcus seems to know more than he lets on.
The next week, Marcus is at the park having a romantic day with fiancé Jessica and he collapses again. He comes around without CPR, and Jessica insists that he see a specialist. Marcus asserts that doctors won't help. Later Marcus confides in his brother that he will keep dying and there is no medical reason for it. He makes drastic changes in his life that affect those closest to him to accommodate his new condition.
Marcus yearns to find someone who understands what he's going through. He comes to believe that he can't be the only one with this condition. Feeling isolated and confused, at the conclusion of the series Marcus chooses how he will embark on this new life.

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