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Piney Woods of East Texas

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fPeople call me lots of things, but I typically go by Deb. :-)

I'm a freelance web designer/developer and have a strong interest in furthering my knowledge in graphic design. I've considered going back to school (again!) to obtain a degree in the field, but haven't yet decided if it's something truly needed. The investment (monetarily and otherwise) would be massive, so I'm still in the 'doing my homework' phase of making that decision.

I've been self teaching myself for just over three years and I've come a LONG way. It surprises me every time I think about it! .... But I just don't quite have that 'edge' I desire... I envision so many amazing things - but I lack the skills needed to transform those ideas into realities. It's quite a daunting and frustrating task - taking a thought - a dream - something I perceive to be incredible and inspiring - and making it a real-live project.

Le sigh. Patience is certainly a virtue. I'm a normal person with normal (and above average!) imperfections - but one characteristic I can claim with absolute confidence - is that I do not give up. I persevere in spite of any roadblocks or hurdles thrown my way (and I've had my fair share .... and then some.... and then some more...)

Life's a b...., well, you know. :-) But there are some very beautiful moments.

I try my hardest to cherish them.

Looking forward to connecting with other graphic designers and talented people - and I'm so grateful for those of you who are willing to share your knowledge with an aspiring artist such as myself. :-)

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