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Debora Barnaba, artist and photographer, was born in Milan in 1985 and now lives in Varese.
Today is internationally represented by the contemporary art gallery Theca Gallery, from Lugano.
After artistic studies in drawing and painting, she approached photography in 2006, becoming her principal artistic expression. She worked with prestigious names: Maurizio Montagna, Roger Weiss and in 2009 Oliviero Toscani, realizing the catalogue “Santo Spirito” in Florence.
In 2010 appears on the cover story of the magazine “Il Fotografo”, with the series Kissing. The same year she was invited by the Bologna University to have a lesson about her body work with photography and performance.
In 2011 has been published her first monography “Visioni del vuoto: Varese”, a catalogue with critical texts by Riccardo Crespi, Riccardo Manzotti and Sandro Iovine, that documented in an original way the city of Varese.

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