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Bern, Switzerland

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A young and innovative bunch of filmmakers with a zest for action based in Bern, Switzerland.

Video Production, Photography, Graphic Arts

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  1. Polymorph Pictures
  2. Raquel Fernandez Nunez
  3. Sandro Klopfstein
  4. Uber Eck
  6. Délia Antonio
  7. Philippe Weibel
  8. Eric Lehner
  9. Simon Huber
  10. Juri Steinhart
  11. Adam Badlotto
  12. RKSS
  13. nixbros
  14. Vinnie Pompo
  16. SHOTUP
  17. swissfilmmakers
  18. Webba

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  1. Any news about default captions? 99% of viewers have no idea how to enable subtitles, even when we explain it on the video thumbnail! Pleeeeease create an option for default captioning!! :(