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«When it comes to visual effects, people usually think about powerfull explosions, amazing effects and all kind of daydream environments. We strongly believe that we can make come true the images created in the very depth of the imagination. ».
DedaloStudio is an independent Visual Effects, animation, Real Time Visualization and Motion Graphics studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Started in 2009 as a Company, Dedalostudio has gone from strength to strength gathering together some of the most talented individuals in the field to help create highly original work.

Our team of artists are leaders in all areas of visual effects production, Rendering, modelling and compositing.

At Dedalostudio our crew works in a relaxed atmosphere that belies their work ethic and professionalism.
Dedalostudio has been designed for clients who want us to handle their production directly. We can set up shoots in the most effective way possible, using freelance directors or, when appropriate, our own in-house talent.

«Our way of working is based on collaboration, implication and proactive cooperation both among us and also with the team with which we collaborate in every single project. ».

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