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Palm Desert, CA, USA

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I am in transition between 36+yr career in the corporate world to full time designer, photographer & artist. I am self taught though my father was a talented artist. After my father passed in 2010 I started focusing on this thing called art and also doing more with design. I create art and design primarily because it is my blood, it is a legacy of my father and of myself and it is who I am, not to be ignored. If I don’t practice my art and design I’ve failed myself and I’ve failed a ‘would be’ audience who needs design/art in their life as well. Art is a gift,it is healing, it saves people through charities, art is social, it connects me with so many people all over the world. it is a dream to use my talents to give back to my favorite charities. Besides art, I am a designer of fashion/weddings/home/garden and costumes....that is my other passion. A well dressed wedding, performance or woman who has her own stand alone tastes and the reputation to go with it. A home should interpret who the homeowner is, it is a home and not just a house and design/art in a space will tell a story about the person(s) who dwells in that space. I feel that what we put in/ or leave out of our home tells others who we are. So my art is wearable, livable and enjoyed/appreciated/calms/soothes and can be found in a space/photo/wall/body or in an environment. I am in touch with the planet and the responsibility I have to do my part to recycle, re-purpose, up-cycle and re-use as much as possible to minimize waste that I have produced. Even that part of my life has too become part of my art &design.

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