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Like some kind of financially dependent production company version of Captain Planet, the members (alliance) of Deeb Studios have always had an interest in putting asunder villains bent on world domination and a committal to being generally inconsiderate. Unfortunately, for all, they lack the necessary personal history of having been accidentally exposed to mutagenic materials, a comically irrational degree of courage, or any actual rudimentary skills to speak of at all. Instead they choose to fight crime by not provoking others to commit any. They avoid looking shady characters directly in the eyes or supporting the arguments of a person who might be debating whether to release deadly toxins into the air.

There’s an old saying, “The best way to abolish wrong doing is to demolish prolonged canoeing.” Heroically and without personal glorification, Deeb adopted this motto and vowed to fight crime indoors, away from potentially upset-able types and aquatic transport of any kind. Hermetic and completely out of harm’s way, they PERILOUSLY produce things, FEARLESSLY edit them, SUSPENSEFULLY use camera equipment, EXPLOSIVELY bill for it, and OCCASIONALLY write music. Deeb studios is thanklessly keeping the world safe one production gig at a time. I, the “About Deeb Studios” author, only hope you’re so lucky as to one day be within earshot of their ritualistic pre-job summoning of no one in particular:

John: Earth
Mike: Wind
Jason: Fire
Katie: Water
All: Go Deeb

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