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  1. 06:11:19

    Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation (2005)

    by Deep Dish TV

    13 Videos

    In response to the attempt to "shock and awe" Iraq into submission, Deep Dish TV put out a call to artists, filmmakers and editors to create this powerful series. Each of the 12 programs…

  2. 04:41:38

    Behind Censorship: The Assault on Civil Liberties: Spring 1991

    by Deep Dish TV

    8 Videos

    This seven-hour series explores issues raised by the debate surrounding government funding of the arts. As the initial program makes clear, the prohibition of selected images masks a much greater…

  3. 52:25

    Ideas and Power: Spring 1991

    by Deep Dish TV

    2 Videos

    Conceived as a response to Octavio Paz and the PRI consensus, these two 28 minute programs take a divergent view of the Mexican reality, which a few years later becomes manifest in the Zapatista movement.

  4. 04:46:48

    The Lannan Foundation Presents Writers Uncensored: Spring 1991

    by Deep Dish TV

    10 Videos

    Ten half-hour shows in which some of the greatest writers of our time, including two Nobel Laureates, challenge the assumptions of traditional realities. Series produced by Lewis MacAdams and John…

  5. 09:44:52

    The Opening Series 1986

    by Deep Dish TV

    Paper Tiger Television Collective, a New York based public access producers' group known for their imaginative and low-tech media critiques, in conjunction with the Boston Film and Video Foundation,…

  6. 04:42:19

    The Gulf Crisis TV Project (1990-1991)

    by Deep Dish TV

    10 Videos

    Before the Gulf War had started, a group of producers from Deep Dish and Paper Tiger began a series to fight the rampant militarism that seemed to be leading to war. As the war ensued, this series…

  7. 06:16:01

    GREEN SCREEN: Grassroots Views of the Environmental Crisis: Fall 1990

    by Deep Dish TV

    7 Videos

    This 6-hour series looks at the environmental crisis and the diverse environmental movement confronting it. As with past Deep Dish programming, "Green Screen" uses the work of public access…

  8. 57:45

    News You Can Use: Fall 1990

    by Deep Dish TV

    2 Videos

    Personal stories from sources you rarely see on mainstream television.

  9. 03:59:59

    ...Will Be Televised: Video Documents From Asia: Fall 1990

    by Deep Dish TV

    5 Videos

    A series of five one-hour programs compiled from five regions in Asia, coordinated and produced by Shu Lea Cheang. As camcorders become more widely distributed in Asia, video makers have become active…

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