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Defero Productions all started in early 2000 with my passion and love for riding and documenting BMX. I began showcasing my hometown’s scene online and via DVD, bringing Australia’s un-sung riders onto a nation wide platform. It was through these years of hard work and experimentation, that I have gained an extensive knowledge in video production & it’s various shapes and forms.

My love for music has always been with me throughout my learning and experimenting with different forms of media, and so working with music has become second nature to me. Creating engaging and entertaining videos that represent the feel and message of the music is the essential basis for all videos I produce.

Whether it be a music video, advertisement, promo video or documentary you want to produce, I always strive to explore and create ways in which the viewer can be enlightened and engaged. With the use of high quality high definition equipment Defero Productions is a full service company from pitch to delivery both on time and on budget.


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