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Established in 2010, Deft Motion is dedicated to bringing you the best highest quality parts at competitive prices. Our staff has a large understanding of today's products allowing us to provide the best customer service imaginable.

At Deft Motion, we only sell what we trust on our own cars. Our goal is to provide our customers with a solid overall balance, not just a cheap second option. As you shop on our website, you will find a variety of brands, allowing you to mix and match the best.

Deft Motion is an authorized dealer of DMP, Challenge, Voltex, Works Bell, Enkei, 949 Racing, Hybrid Racing, GoPro, ISIS Performance, and many more. Our customers receive direct access to the best parts and support. We don't deal with middle men, which allows us to talk with manufacturers and quickly resolve any issues. We keep a close relationship with manufacturers so we can keep our customers informed with the most accurate information.

Deft Motion is not only about profits, it's about sharing our passion of Motorsports with others. The goal is complete functionality and efficiency on and off the track, not just raw horsepower.

Visit our site regularly to see the latest products available and current projects which we work on. We share our passion with our supporters and provide feedback you can relate to.

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