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  1. Rob Ward

    Rob Ward Plus London


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    An After Effects artist with 8 years professional experience, including 2 years full-time at The Mill. Since 2007 I have worked on a freelance basis at Passion Pictures, Nexus, Trunk, Slinky Pictures, Munky, Lambie Nairn, Therapy Films, Agile Films, Secret Peter & The Mill. http://www.rob-ward.com/

  2. Rafatoon

    Rafatoon Plus Bogota (Colombia)


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    http://rafatoon.tv/ // VIDEO FILMAKER MOTION GRAPHIC ARTIST // ART DIRECTOR Bogota -Colombia, I just love motion design. // Represent in NY dreambear.org

  3. Blake Johnson

    Blake Johnson Daegu, South Korea 대구


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    Sound designer and composer for motion graphics/broadcast, animation, games, and film. Say hi / hola / 안녕하세요 / 你好 / bonjour / hallo / hallå! contact@hearblake.com

  4. Adam Grabowski

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