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  1. Projection Artworks

    Projection Artworks PRO London


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    We’re not just projection specialists; we’re stunt-pullers, constraint-breakers and masterpiece-makers. A speechless audience equals a job well done. If it’s obvious, we’re not interested. If it’s never been done before, we work out how. Best-known for 3D-mapping spectaculars,…

  2. Matthias Zentner

    Matthias Zentner Plus Munich/Germany


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  3. Leila Kanaan

    Leila Kanaan Montreal - Paris - Beirut


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    The way i see things! Awards: -Music Nation Digital Magazine, Best Music Video of 2012 for "Super Nancy". -Dubai, Ya Habibi award at Promax Arabia for the Al Baghdadia idents. -Cairo, Middle East Music Award 2010, Best Music video for "Sheikh El Shabab" and Best Director of…

  4. Pranali Diwadkar

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