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Mainz (Germany)

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The Delattre Dance Company is a modern ballet company, that challenges the boundaries of traditional ballet by providing an intense approach to extreme movements and sharing unexplored emotions.
Its mission is to spawn innovative dance by joining forces with extraordinary artists from a rich assortment of genres and cultures.

The Company was founded in 2012 by the Soloist dancer and choreographer Stéphen Delattre and his executive partner Martin Opelt.
Leveraging profound professional experience, both dedicate their creativity, celebrated talent and esteemed work to the artistic world, fostering the evolution of ballet.
Their devotion is the continuous improvement of dance, ensuring accessibility to the artistic creation for a worldwide audience through an international network.

Developing new choreographic schemata for those who appreciate the significance of human interaction, the ballet ensemble unites the unique strengths of distinguished dance artists.
To craft the driving energy of a national and international dance scene, they exploit the expertise they derive from daily professional training.

The Delattre Dance Company is based in Mayence at the Mainzer Kammerspiel Theater in Germany.

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