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DELIGHTFULL's Lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are present in each detail.
Working with our hands we transfer our passion and devotion into everything we make and thus our masterpieces are born.

Share soul and heritage with the world...a DELIGHTFULL world.

DELIGHTFULL's unique collection, Heritage, is full of a broad selection of high quality lighting designs, versatile enough for many types of atmospheres and spaces.
Heritage assorted 30’s, 40’s and 50’s Soul and Jazz inspired lamps takes on the legacy of – WISDOM – of men who craft with their own hands.
A multipurpose collection composed of 45 highly aesthetic designs in 4 typologies.

SUSPENSION | DELIGHTFULL’s suspension lamps are stunning in the way that they illuminate as well as in their asthetics.

FLOOR | They bring ambiance into the room and adding a decorative touch. DELIGHTFULL offers some of the most iconic designs and also some of the most innovative lamps.

TABLE | The perfect lamps for the office, desks or at the bedside. DELIGHTFULL has a broad and unique selection of such lamps in the Heritage collection.

WALL | DELIGHTFULL’s wall lamps are the perfect touch of ambience and personality for your house.

Giving the opportunity to have soul and heritage everywhere in every moment, visit:



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