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seoul, korea

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Seoul, South Korea
Tel : +82-2-566-0883
Mobile : +82-10-4427-0882
Fax: +82-2-561-0883
E-mail : vz@delpic.com

Representation: EYEQCO
Kyu Man Rhee : kyu@eyeqco.com
E-mail : usa@delpic.com
Mobile : +82.10.4540.0724

Delpic Design Studio creates pure, visual delights.
When do our eyes find delight and gladness ?
Provocative color? Brilliant effects? Complicated composition? Delpic Design Studio has a different idea.
Pure, visual delights come from the attempts to represent things in creative manners,
the patience and self-esteem that never let you compromise with common outcomes,
And the rationality that never allows you to lose the heart of a message in a big picture of blending.
Delpic willingly takes up the challenge to produce pure, visual delights by combining
the spirit of experiment, patience, self-esteem, and rationality in various printing media and digital media.

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