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  1. 11:14:05

    Men's Group

    by Del Rey Church

    18 Videos

    Videos of Men's ministry group. Spring 2013: Male and Female He Created Them: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Fall 2012: The God-Centered Life: Christian Hedonism and the Life of Faith

  2. 05:30:37


    by Del Rey Church

    5 Videos

    This sermon series was given for the month of December in 2012. It is an exegetical study of Psalm 51 and gospel reflection on the text's imagery of being made "white as snow."

  3. 11:07:22

    Good Vimeo Stuff

    by Del Rey Church

    18 Videos

    These are greats ones on vimeo we want to share with our Del Rey Church viewers

  4. 06:14:50

    Community 101

    by Del Rey Church

    6 Videos

    This is a sermon series on community. It's really good!

  5. 26:53:36


    by Del Rey Church

    26 Videos

  6. 06:10:11


    by Del Rey Church

    7 Videos

    Preschool events

  7. 10:44

    DRC Announcements

    by Del Rey Church

    2 Videos

    This album contains announcements on different subjects that come up at a church service on occasion.

  8. 01:30

    DRC Commercials

    by Del Rey Church

    1 Video

    This album contains video commercials highlighting our church and her efforts in the mission of the gospel.

  9. 03:07:51

    Holiday sermons

    by Del Rey Church

    3 Videos

    This album contains sermons given during holidays in the Christian calendar.

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