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Deltaprocess is a multimedia art collective based in Italy and UK, founded in 2009 by Federico Petrei and Filippo Genesini and further on extended to Luca Ferro, Raoul Battilani, Emanuele Russo, F.Paolo Mucelli and Fay Fernandes. The forming experience of the collective is based on Audio/Video performances and Vj-ing, activities that have been explored by the artists in different contexts, such as Projection Mapping and Interactive Installations. Deltaprocess has worked and performed in various Festivals and around the world, such as Glastombury (UK), Life (Ireland), Oddstream (Holland), Kernel and Robot Festivals (Italy), Mo:dem(Croatia), Doof (Israel), Freqs of Nature (Germany), Summer Never Ends (Switzerland), O.Z.O.R.A. (Hungary), Hilltop Festival (Goa – India), Vortex (South Africa), and night parties as far as in Doha (Quatar), Bahrein and Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai (India).
With a stable crew in Italy working for corporate and art events, mainly with Videomapping and interactive performances, other members keep on travelling and touring the world spreading a fresh, creative and brand new way of experimenting with stage design, projections and lighting.

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