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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1952, and raised in New England, Dennis Connors has spent the past thirty years in northern New Jersey, raising a family and enjoying a career in still photography.

After pursuing a photography degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, he returned to Buenos Aires in his early 20’s for a two year apprenticeship with photographer Annemarie Heinrich.
The year was 1973 and Juan Peron had just returned to power. It was an exciting and politically tumultuous time to be in this culturally rich part of the world, and a watershed experience.

The recent addition of filmmaking to his toolbox has allowed Connors to look at subjects of interest more deeply. Curiosity about how and why people create art fuels his recent explorations in both mediums. In his own words, “my work has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, visit places off the beaten path, and open a few doors. I want to know how people view the world, and hope that my work can contribute to helping all of us understand more about people that are different.”

One door opened in 2008 resulting in the award winning documentary “Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket”. This 18 minute film chronicles the story of Alex Masket, an extraordinary artist with severe autism. The film has screened in over twenty festivals in North America, and among the awards was a 2010 Cine Golden Eagle Award for short documentary.

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