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Denise Kynd
Contemporary Visual Artist

I love paper and it is my medium. Throughout my travels I have collected different types of papers, unique to a place or often having a particular appeal to my tastes. Varied colors, textures and patterns are what attract me most and I find the most joy working with them. Combining these papers with my memories allow me to create this world where neither time nor space are valued, it is in the moment which I create, as if in a meditative trance allowing my subconscious to flow freely. A therapeutic element of collage art is meticulously working with glue; I enjoy the feel of it on my hands as I delicately handle each piece of paper and carefully remove the air bubbles that naturally form underneath. My work embodies “symmetrical chaos,” I am able to cause tension by slightly skewing the repeated and mirrored images. Balance is also achieved through use of a consistent palette. At times, I will include strokes of paint to accentuate particular aspects of an image, but I do not rely heavily upon this medium. I use a central image as a focal point and as the beginning narrative to a piece. The main image dictates the layout, the color scheme, and ultimately the resulting mood. My major pieces consist of appropriated commercial images, bringing to light media’s influence on social aesthetics, while at the same time discussing the modern human experience. These are images that we can all relate to because of their familiarity. I see my work as cyclical, I recycle materials which are normally overlooked or easily thrown away for the next new thing and give them a meaningful, eternal life.

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