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Denis Simon, an anagram of DimENsIonS. Dimensions is behind Denis Simon, French DJ and producer. Originally working as a graphic designer, he composed his first musical creations for television in January 2010 at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. His many influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam to New Order Paul Kalkbrenner, to minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass and induce labor from the minimum ambient melodic techno sound of the big rock n'roll 70's. His compositions draw the interest of the Euronews channel, which offers a new Simon Denis expression luck with the sound design of the antenna. Meanwhile, Denis Simon up a project called VideO_Drums, in which he plays electronic drum solo, live, with various machines as a "tenori on" Yamaha and Korg Kaosspad. Thanks to its battery Vdrums Roland, it sends images as a vj in its backdrop. The principle storytelling playing his favorite instrument, the drums.

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