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Desert Southwest, USA

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I'm a Producer, Director, and Editor. I produced a feature film with Director Will Stewart called "The Men Who Fell", I also created over 100 visual effects shots and co-edited the feature. It is currently distributed on DVD in Japan, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland and Russia. It also played on Canada's SuperChannel. I am working with the Director to secure distribution for North America and additional foreign markets.

Currently, I am in Post Production on another feature film with Director, Will Stewart and fellow Producer, Ben Naasz.

And...I am also finishing a documentary that I Directed and shot on the history and people of Vail, Arizona, called "Voices of Vail".

In the past, I also produced and directed a number of video projects and simple but fun commercial spots (, a music video; designed and produced motion graphics, visual effects, title design and menu graphics for other independent features, shorts and interactive CD-ROM projects. My work has won awards for outstanding design in print, video and electronic media, and has appeared in design publications. A project I worked on won an award for "New Media" at the Houston Film Festival in the early 2000s. I also created motion graphics and an editing technique for one of my clients, to allow for multi-screen display of these graphics and video content, while maintaining a "wide canvas" continuity, using three synchronized DVD players. This content was used in traveling motivational presentations for M.A.D.D. in Junior High and High School assembly programs in Canada, Japan, and here in the United States.

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